Black Dress Circle Evolve

WBO 360 SurveyBlack Dress Circle is a facilitated roundtable—a forum to discuss issues, frame decisions, and share experiences with others who understand the unique challenges of managing emerging and evolving companies.

We offer two Black Dress Circles, depending on where you are in your journey: BDC Emerge for emerging female entrepreneurs focused on growth, and BDC Evolve for second-stage women business owners navigating the complexities of an evolving organization.

BDC Evolve Serves to Connect:

  • Women business owners leading organizations with annual revenue totaling $1-$50 million
  • Second-stage female business leaders steering organizations with 10-99 employees
  • Growth-focused companies with the intent and capacity to evolve

BDC Evolve: An Investment in YOU
Are you focused on the evolution of your company? Are you leading an organization with annual revenue totaling $1-$50 million? BDC Evolve might be for you.

For a predictable monthly fee of $795 (12-month commitment required), BDC Evolve members receive:

  • A personality/leadership/strengths-based assessment
  • A 360° business assessment
  • One full-day, off-site meeting
  • A 4-hour 1:1 kickstarter session with Erin to debrief assessments, dive deep into your business, and define goals for the coming year
  • 12 monthly, half-day roundtable sessions
  • 12 monthly 1:1 sessions with Erin
  • An annual three day, two night retreat

The result? Immeasurable, transformative value. Check out Kathy’sJill’s, and Jackie’s results.

Ready to take the next step? See our FAQs or email Erin.

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The amount of talent among women business owners in St. Louis continually blows me away. Everyone has a distinct story, their own particular triumph, even a transformational defeat—everyone has someTHING that someONE will identify with, take to heart, and use to change their life, business or outlook.
–Erin Joy