Men’s Coaching Circle

Conceptualized by Black Dress Partners, the Men’s Coaching Circle is a monthly, agenda-driven roundtable facilitated by Erin Joy, a certified PeerSpectives facilitator through the Edward Lowe Foundation. This Circle provides a forum to discuss issues, frame decisions, and share experiences with others who understand the unique challenges of managing growing companies.

Men’s Coaching Circle serves to connect:

  • Male entrepreneurs leading organizations facing common growth challenges in today’s global business environment
  • Growth-focused companies with the intent and capacity to develop holistically

Here, powerful men work together to:

  • Solve real-world business challenges
  • Support one another’s challenges and successes
  • Work ON their businesses as opposed to IN their businesses

For a predictable monthly fee of $295 (12-month commitment required), members of the Men’s Coaching Circle receive:

  • A strengths-based assessment
  • A 2-hour 1:1 kickstarter session with Erin to debrief your assessment, dive deep into your business, and define goals for the coming year
  • Monthly, half-day roundtable sessions following your kickstarter session (the 4th Tuesday of every month)
  • Monthly one-hour group coaching calls with Erin and peers following your kickstarter session

Contact us to inquire about membership.


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The amount of talent among women business owners in St. Louis continually blows me away. Everyone has a distinct story, their own particular triumph, even a transformational defeat—everyone has someTHING that someONE will identify with, take to heart, and use to change their life, business or outlook.
–Erin Joy


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