Although we focus on women business owners, we don’t want any small-to-midsize business owner left out. That’s why, as part of our Tuxedo service offerings, we started a Men’s Coaching Circle (MCC).

Here are just some of the reasons to join:

  • Effective: It works. MCC acts as an informal board of directors, providing a forum for supported decision-making while learning from each other’s experiences.
  • Productive: This is not a superficial (read: time-wasting) meeting. As a trained facilitator, Erin ensures structured, focused, and purposeful conversations.
  • Confidential: Competitors are never placed in the same Circle, ensuring that roundtable discussions take place in a safe setting and that all topics discussed remain confidential.
  • No Sales: Circle members are prohibited from doing business with each other so that relationships stay focused on trust and support.
  • Exclusive: MCC members are carefully selected based on their potential for meaningful contributions, business integrity, and intent and capacity to grow.
  • ROI: By participating in MCC, businesses have been completely transformed.

Contact us to inquire about membership.

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The amount of talent among women business owners in St. Louis continually blows me away. Everyone has a distinct story, their own particular triumph, even a transformational defeat—everyone has someTHING that someONE will identify with, take to heart, and use to change their life, business or outlook.
–Erin Joy


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